Our current voting procedure (Plurality)
forces you to vote "no"
to all candidates except for one.

Plurality Voting
Vote for only one candidate.
(You must vote "no" for all others)
Mitt Romney
Ron Paul
Newt Gingrich
Rick Santorum
Approval Voting
Vote for any number of candidates.
(Vote "no" by not voting)
Mitt Romney
Ron Paul
Newt Gingrich
Rick Santorum

      Key Points to Approval Voting

  • It removes the "Spoiler" effect of a third party candidate running.  (Like Nader "taking votes away" from Gore in the 2000 US Presidential)
  • No need for run-off elections.
  • You are allowed to vote for or against each candidate independently.  (Vote against a candidate by not voting for them.)
  • It is still "one person, one vote".  It is one person expressing their vote for or against each candidate.  The current system says that you are only allowed to express a positive opinion for one candidate.  You are forced to give all other candidates a no-vote which is essentially a vote against them.
  • If you vote for all candidates, your vote won't really matter.  This is the same with someone who votes against all of them.
  • Works for Single-Winner Elections not Multi-winner.  (When you are electing only one person to the position)

 Want to see the numbers? 
Catherine Kimport has the math all worked out.

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